3 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Accelerate Your Citizenship Appointment

One of the biggest issues we deal with for our clients is simply the amount of time it takes for citizenship appointments, applications, etc. to get processed. Many feel powerless to speed the process up, but you can actually do few things you can do TODAY to push it along! (1) Contact the National Visa […]

Why Go At It Alone? It Makes No Sense…

Please, do not try to solve your immigration matters on your own. As much as you think you might be prepared to handle your situation, it does not make a difference. The United States government simply does not play around when it comes to immigration. You need serious, quality, and competent legal representation to achieve […]

Is Your Case Taking Too Long? 4 Things to do RIGHT NOW!

(1) File a case service request online with USCIS here: (2) Contact your local Congressmen and make an inquiry with the liaison office between them & the USCIS. (3) File a request with the Ombudsman Office at USCIS to find out what’s going on: (4) File a writ of mandamus — Sue the […]

What are Fact Patterns & Why Do I Need Them?

As an immigration attorney, it is extremely important that I get the FULL fact pattern of your personal and family situation. This means that I have to ask you about very intimate, personal information: your parent’s information, siblings, your current relationship, your previous ones, your children, so on and so forth. I may even have […]

TRAVEL BANS RESTRICTED? What does it mean?

As of April 1st, 2021, there are no non-immigrant travel ban restrictions in place coming to the United States: If you have an L-Visa, a J-Visa, H-Visa, you are NOT subject to any of the restrictions/travel bans that the previous administration put in place. HOWEVER: You need to go get another visa!