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Immigration Court Representation/Removal/Deportation

When you are faced with a serious immigration matter that requires going before a judge, having a qualified immigration attorney…

When you are faced with a serious immigration matter that requires going before a judge, having a qualified immigration attorney advocating on your behalf can help you to remain in the U.S. Those who have representation are much more likely to have a successful outcome in serious cases, such as deportations and removals, than those who attempt to represent themselves. Having legal representation will make the proceedings more efficient, and it will also ensure that you do not miss any important steps. Bear in mind that immigrants do not have a right to government-appointed representatives. Immigration attorneys are your best advocates when you must attend an immigration hearing. The legal process is complex and immigration court proceedings have specific requirements that must be met. This can be nerve-wracking for anyone, and even more so for immigrants who do not speak English. If an immigrant does not have representation, he or she may be unaware of the different forms of relief that they may qualify for, such as asylum, cancellation of removal, among others. This will leave the immigrant with a greater chance of deportation.

Benefits of court representation

  • Representation is vital for immigrants with limited English-speaking capabilities, as they will have an advocate to argue a case on their behalf
  • A representative will present all the facts in your case in the best possible light
  • A representative can help you to understand the complicated process
  • A representative can help you gather the best documentation to present to a court to that will increase your chance of winning your case
  • A representative will also know the various immigration laws, and they will know what specific rights you may have, given your situation
  • Overall, a representative can make the strongest arguments on your behalf, which is especially vital when it comes to deportation matters

Deportation Defense

US Immigration Law Counsel offers a variety of immigration services for immigration matters, including immigration court representation. We believe in hope for our clients and their loved ones, which is why we advocate on behalf of immigrants facing deportation from the United States. The removal process involves a hearing with the Board of Immigration Appeals, so it is essential to hire an attorney with several years of experience handling immigration cases. There are different defenses available for immigrants who are facing deportation, but who want to stay or find a legal route to permanent residency. We can help!

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