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Salman Amin Khan (born October 11, 1976) is an American educator who founded the Khan Academy, a free online education platform and an organization with which he has produced over 6,500 video lessons teaching a wide spectrum of academic subjects, originally focusing on mathematics and sciences. He is also the founder of Khan Lab School, a brick-and-mortar school associated with Khan Academy. As of December 2016, the Khan Academy channel […]

Meet El Salvador’s growing middle class: Deportees from the U.S.

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The smell of slow-cooked Texas barbecue wafted over the outskirts of San Salvador as Jose Reyes cracked open another beer. It was Super Bowl Sunday, and Reyes had gathered with several dozen friends in a parking lot outside a stadium where the game would be screened. Dressed in baggy NFL and college jerseys, they traded jokes […]

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Trump admin to issue temporary new restrictions on travel

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Acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke is set to issue new, temporary restrictions on travel for foreign nationals coming to the U.S., which are tailored on a country-by-country basis, Trump administration officials told reporters on a call Friday. The Supreme Court is reviewing the travel ban October 10. Why it matters: Trump’s travel ban’s 90-day review […]

Could You Apply for a Visa Under Trump’s Immigration Overhaul? Are you sure?

A wall along the Mexico border isn’t President Donald Trump’s only proposal to curtail immigration into the United States. Trump also wants to limit legal immigration into the U.S. by, among other revisions, making it more difficult for immigrants to qualify for a visa. The proposed changes to current immigration law are outlined in a […]

Is your passport valid for your next trip?

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Is your passport valid for your next trip? September marks the U.S. Department of State’s Passport Awareness Month, since this year is particularly important ahead of some impending passport changes. Here’s what you need to know for Passport Awareness Month, covering everything from the REAL ID Act to what to do if your passport is damaged in a […]

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