Tragic Surfside Building Collapse

The tragic collapse of the condo building at Surfside Miami has resulted in 99 persons being missing. There were tourists from Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Paraguay. Right now Senator Marco Rubio’s office is working very hard in assisting family members outside of the United States who had relatives who are not accounted for and are missing in that building.

If you or anybody you know has relations with somebody who is not accounted for in that building outside of the U.S. and does not have a visa, Senator Marco Rubio’s office will assist in obtaining a humanitarian visa for you to come to the United States and help you deal with this tragic situation.

We want to thank Marco Rubio’s office for stepping up and identifying there are family members of missing persons who are outside of the United States not able to travel due to visa restrictions.

Our thoughts and prayers are involved with everybody involved with this incredibly tragic event.

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