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Can I Change My Name After Becoming a U.S. Citizen?

When you immigrate to the United States, you may want to change your name for a variety of reasons. For instance, maybe you got married and you want to change your last name, or you’d like a fresh start in your new country. 

By learning about the name change process, you can decide whether you want to do it during the naturalization process or after you’ve already become a citizen.

How to Change Your Name During Naturalization

When you’re going through the naturalization process, you can change your name on Form N-400, which is going to be the easiest and most affordable way to do it. You can confirm or deny that you’d like to change your name on the form, and if you confirm it, you can write down your new name. You’ll need to swear your oath of allegiance before a judge, and then you’ll get a certificate of naturalization that has your new name on it.

How to Change Your Name After Gaining Citizenship 

The process of changing your name after you become a citizen is a little more difficult. In Florida, you’ll need to file a petition in the county where you reside and update your Social Security card, driver’s license, passport, and birth certificate. To be eligible for a name change, you must have resided in Florida for at least six months and have a driver’s license or state ID with your current address. Additionally, your civil rights cannot be in a suspended status. The process takes about two months and costs about $450. 

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