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How Dual Citizenship Works in the United States

You may be thinking about trying to get dual citizenship in the United States if you already have citizenship in another country. This can prove to be highly beneficial, especially if you go back and forth often. You can find out more about the dual citizenship process and if it’s possible to do it in the U.S. 

Can You Have Dual Citizenship in the U.S.? 

The U.S. allows its citizens to have dual citizenship, and if you are a naturalized citizen, it doesn’t make you give up citizenship from your country of origin. However, your origin country may not allow you to have dual citizenship in the U.S., and you may have to give it up when you become a U.S. citizen. For instance, if you’re from Mexico or the Philippines, it’s allowed, but if you are from China, you would automatically lose your Chinese citizenship when you become a U.S. citizen. 

Getting Dual Citizenship

To get dual citizenship, your country of origin must allow it. If it does, then you need to go through the citizenship process, which includes getting a green card, filing Form N-400, taking the civics tests, and pledging your Oath of Allegiance. Once you become a citizen, you’ll have to pay U.S. taxes, serve on jury duty, and follow the local and national laws, of course. You will also be able to live and work anywhere you want and vote in any election.

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