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Immigration Lawyer Miami, FL

Florida Immigration Law Council offers a variety of immigration services for immigration matters. We have multiple locations throughout South Florida and Miami, FL, including in Miami Beach, North Miami, and we even provide services in Gainesville. Our practice areas include:

The following information is meant to provide general advice about our services and our law offices. If you are interested in applying for citizenship or have concerns about deportation, then we would be happy to speak with you individually about your circumstances. The following information provides a general overview of the services our immigration lawyers provide and does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. When you need an immigration attorney, call our law offices.

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When should I hire an immigration attorney?

Anytime you have immigration needs it is a good idea to speak to one of our Miami immigration lawyers. Clients seek us out for a number of reasons. Some are individuals who are seeking asylum from their home countries where they are in fear of their freedom or safety due to their political beliefs. Others own their own company and are looking to sponsor a worker for a green card. Here are some other common reasons why you should call now to speak to one of our immigration attorneys:

  • You are graduating from a college or university in the U.S. that you attended under a student visa and would now like to establish permanent residency
  • You are getting married to a U.S. citizen
  • You are a U.S. citizen and have parents or children or siblings from another country you want to sponsor for citizenship
  • You have been convicted of a criminal offense that could affect your citizenship or any applications you have for naturalization
  • You are looking to bring foreign workers to the U.S.
  • You want to adjust your immigration status

It’s a good idea to contact our immigration lawyers in Miami immediately so that you don’t run out of time. Immigration and nationality law can change, so it’s important to contact our Miami FL law firm as soon as possible so you can speak to one of our attorneys.

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Deportation Defense

We believe in hope for our clients and their loved ones which is why we advocate on behalf of immigrants facing deportation from the United States. The removal process involves a hearing with the Board of Immigration Appeals, so it is essential to hire an attorney with several years of experience handling immigration cases in Miami. There are different defenses available for immigrants who are facing deportation but want to stay or find a legal route to permanent residency.

How much does an immigration attorney cost in Miami, FL?

You are not required to use an attorney to file your immigration paperwork. In this digital age where you can find most immigration forms online as well as plenty of research, data, and news articles, you might question whether or not you need to contact an immigration law office to help you with filing your immigration application, or if they will be worth the cost. You may believe that your case is simple and that you have a good handle on the laws supporting your case. However, immigration issues arise frequently due to complex immigration laws.

When you don’t hire experienced criminal defense and immigration attorneys in Miami, then you increase your chances of making mistakes when filing. This could lead to a denial of your application, deportation, or more costs later on to fix those forms. Hiring Miami immigration lawyers is an investment in your future.

An investment in Miami immigration services can cost clients anywhere between $350-$450 per hour. On average, immigration services can vary between $2000 for extremely simple cases where clients have no criminal background, and as high as $10,000-$20,000 for immigration guidance to help an entire family through the citizenship naturalization application in Miami FL.

How much does a Canadian immigration lawyer cost?

The legal fees will cost about the same. If you need help with Canadian immigration and citizenship questions, then our law firm can help you. Potential new clients with questions regarding how to become a citizen of the United States should contact our law offices to schedule your consultation regarding what legal services you need and how much they will cost for you specifically.


Who is the best immigration lawyer in the US?

It’s really hard to say who is the one best immigration attorney in the United States, but there are certain qualities that all top lawyers share. Immigration law is notoriously complex so the law firm you choose will certainly have a major impact on your goals of obtaining a green card or establish residency in the United States.

There have been cases when immigrants have sought the help of an immigration lawyer only to have a later attorney discover that a previous law office mishandled their paperwork. So when the immigrant seeks legal services later on when applying for a change of status or to sponsor a family member, their new attorney will have not only a massive record to review, but they will have to go through the process of correcting it. Unfortunately, whatever was filed before, incorrect as it was, does have an effect on the client’s immigration status.

Don’t settle for an attorney who could make a mistake that directly and severely impacts you and your family as well as your future. When you want to get the correct visa or to go through the naturalization process, then give Florida Immigration Law Council a call.

Immigration law is the same whether you hire an attorney in Miami, California, or Idaho, because immigration law is federal law, but if you will be moving yourself, your family, or your business to Miami Dade County, then you should choose a top immigration practice in South Florida.

Why U.S. Immigration Law Counsel – Miami Immigration Lawyers

Proudly serving Miami, the U.S. Immigration Law Counsel has almost two decades’ worth of experience helping clients navigate the U.S. immigration process. Immigration and nationality law is difficult to understand, but we walk you through filing your application. We are located in diverse Miami where we have helped a number of clients with their legal needs. Call us now.


What are the different types of student visas?

U.S. Immigration Law Counsel, your immigration lawyer in Miami, will help you get the student visa you need. There are mainly three types of visas that you can pursue as a student:

  • F Student Visas
  • M Student Visas
  • J Visas for Exchange Visitors

Your immigration attorney will work to get you the visa that best fits your needs.

Can my employer sponsor me for a visa?

Your employer is allowed to sponsor you, a foreign citizen, to work and live in the United States through a work visa. There are several work visas for an employer who wishes to sponsor an employee. Among them, H-1B, L, and O non-immigrant visas for temporary employees and EB-1, EB-2, EB-3, and EB-4 visas offer a path to permanent residency. To obtain one of these types of visas, you must first apply for a job and be offered a position by a U.S. employer. Each visa has different requirements and applies to different candidates.

If you have secured employment in the United States and are interested in obtaining an employer-sponsored visa, your immigration attorney from the U.S. Immigration Law Counsel will explain your options and talk to your employer about the best pathway to follow to secure it.

What should I do if I receive a deportation order?

The first thing you should do after receiving a deportation order is not to panic. It is not the end of the world, and at the Florida Immigration Law Council, we have confirmed time and again that receiving a deportation order does not necessarily mean there is no hope for you to stay in this country. Anyone can challenge, appeal, or otherwise seek to stay after receiving a deportation order.

If you have received a Notice to Appear, it will contain the details of why the proceeding has been initiated and provide the date and time of your first hearing. You will also receive information about your rights. At the end of the hearing, an evidentiary hearing will be set. Here is where a federal immigration judge will hear the evidence against you, while the government must show convincing evidence that you are removable from the United States. You and your deportation lawyer will present evidence, such as documents and witness testimony, in your defense. If your claim is denied, you have the right to file an appeal with the Board of Immigration Appeals.

What visa should I get if I want to become a U.S. citizen?

If you are seeking to become a U.S. citizen, you should start by obtaining an immigrant visa. This could be either in the family-based or in the employment-based visa categories. If your path will be based on family, it means that an American citizen must file an immigrant visa petition for you, providing you are a spouse, child, parent, or sibling to them. Otherwise, a lawful permanent resident or green card holder can file an immigrant petition for you, providing you are their spouse or unmarried son or daughter.

Employment-based immigration means a citizen is sponsoring you, providing you have certain job skills for a permanent job. The law also allows prospective immigrants to sponsor themselves in limited fields. Additionally, it provides many other specific immigrant categories, including an investor visa. Call us to find out more.

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