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Immigration Lawyer in Plantation, FL

In Plantation, 27,656 residents were born in another country. The area is diverse and rich with other cultures. But being an immigrant isn’t easy. There are many legal obstacles standing between immigrants and prosperity.

The U.S. Immigration Law Counsel wants to make it easier for you to reap the benefits of living in the U.S. Because we have years of experience standing up for immigrants, we know how to get results. We can help you with all of your immigration issues.

When Do You Need an Immigration Lawyer?

Generally speaking, any immigrant could benefit from speaking to an immigration lawyer in Plantation. Immigration law is quite complex. Whether you plan on coming to the country on a temporary or permanent basis, there are many mistakes that can happen.

In any of the following situations, you should consider contacting a lawyer:

1. You Have Questions About Your Green Card

If you have any questions about your green card, you should seek clarification. Overstaying your welcome could cause serious trouble.

Typically, your initial green card is only good for two years. If you stay out of legal trouble in that time, you may be able to extend and become a permanent resident. However, you need to do so in the required time frame. You also need to comply with all of the requirements for being a permanent citizen.

2. You Want Asylum

Individuals who fear persecution in their home country can seek asylum. However, the process is not straightforward. You need evidence that there was past persecution, or that you have a legitimate reason to fear persecution.

For your asylum request to be successful, you need to build a convincing argument. What makes you stand out from the other applicants? Why is your situation different? An attorney can help you build a convincing argument.

3. You Have Been Denied

Your application for a green card, citizenship, or anything else is not guaranteed. If you are denied, then you need to take action quickly.

There is a way to appeal your denial. However, the process depends on what the application was for. You need to go through the proper channels. On top of that, you also need to understand why you were denied and how you can convince the appeals branch to reverse the decision.

4. Removal Proceedings Will Occur

If you receive notice of deportation or removal proceedings, you need to take action quickly. Failing to contest the order leaves you with no choice but to leave the country. The same is true of removal proceedings.

As soon as you receive your orders, you should contact a lawyer. They can attempt to cancel the order. In some cases, this means representing you in court.

If you have already been deported, there is a chance that you can return to the country. However, the process is a lengthy one. Your attorney can walk you through it and explain how you can apply to return.

5. You Have a Conviction on Your Record

One of the requirements for permanent residency is good morals. In the eyes of the U.S. government, that means no criminal convictions. But there are some circumstances in which you can emigrate to the U.S. or stay in the U.S. with a conviction.

If you are in the U.S. on a green card and you commit a crime, you should seek legal advice immediately. There is a good chance that your criminal activity can hurt your chances at residency or citizenship. The sooner you address the situation, the better your chances of fixing things.

6. You Want a Foreign Employee to Work for You

Foreign workers can have skills that are appealing to employers. However, the U.S. does not want to take jobs away from citizens and give them to immigrants. Therefore, they make the process of hiring a foreign worker difficult.

Before you file for a visa for an employee, you need to perform several tasks. To avoid wasting your time on a process that ends in failure, you should speak to an attorney.

The Benefits of Hiring an Immigration Lawyer in Plantation

Now that you know the reasons you might need an immigration lawyer, you might be wondering what an attorney can do for you. Here are some of the benefits of working with a professional:

1. Avoid Mistakes

When it comes to your immigration applications, perfection is key. If you have any mistakes on the paperwork, the government could deny your application.

An experienced attorney has handled many immigration cases. Therefore, they know what is expected of them. They fill out the paperwork with all of the necessary details. Then, they check that there are no mistakes.

2. They Can Expedite the Process

The population in Plantation is 89,595. Some of those residents are immigrants, but they had to work hard for their status. Whether you want to be a permanent resident or a citizen, the process takes time. Similarly, hiring a foreign worker or petitioning for a family member to enter the country is a lengthy process.

By working with an attorney, you may be able to speed up your application. They know what needs to be done to avoid delays. Furthermore, they can help you choose a visa that will get you the quickest results.

3. They Can Give You the Facts

There are many misconceptions about immigration. For that reason, some individuals waste their time on applications that have no chance of approval. Your lawyer can give you all of the facts.

When they do, they will also give you your options. You can learn what will work for you, and what won’t work. As a result, you have a better chance of success.

4. You’re Not Alone

The immigration process can be a scary one. For instance, applying for citizenship is extremely challenging. Without someone to guide you through the process, you might feel as if you have no chance. The same is true of petitioning for a family member.

Here at the U.S. Immigration Law Counsel, we don’t want you to go through the process alone. We’ve helped many other immigrants find their way into the country, and we want to help you. Contact us to learn more about our many immigration services.