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My Two Cents

I wonder if there are any groups of people left that haven’t been insulted or ridicule by Mr. Trump.

First, it was the Mexicans (rapists) and prisoners of wars (Senator McCain for being capture). Next it was the women’s turn which he continues to belittle time and time again.   He has mentioned to us how disabled people are incapable and weird. Then a couple of days ago he flexed his muscle and is blocking the one thing we as Americans enjoy more than anything else in this world which is Freedom of Press by blocking the Washington Post of their press access. His main selling point has been however the lock down on immigration and the ban on Muslims entering the US. Except of course those that are billionaires and want to invest in his private businesses.

In the wake of the horrific Orlando shooting Mr. Trump has shown his colors by demanding the Obama Administration to put a ban on anyone coming into this country who is Muslim or comes from an Islamic country and to have all Muslim communities be on watch by authorities. Now after the sad events of Orlando in which 49 innocent lives were killed by a man we are coming to realize had severe mental and psychological issues who happened to be of an Islamic background, he has once again ask for a complete ban on Muslims.  Something that According to a Washington Post report, the last time the U.S. barred an entire group from entering the U.S. was the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, “which “effectively halted Chinese immigration for ten years.” This Act was “induced by blind racism and eagerness to deflect blame onto other groups,” noted one analysis of the Act.

Mr. Trump threatening to repeat an awful and embarrassing time in our history which is negative and contentious rhetoric against immigration only creates more anxiety and spews more hatred.  Our immigration system is far from perfect but we should be coming together and presenting realistic, positive and viable solutions.  Not banning entire groups of people or building walls.