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Attorney Saman Movassaghi Gonzalez, Esq.

Managing Attorney

Saman Movassaghi Gonzalez is a prominent and award-winning immigration attorney based in South Florida, but with the resources to represent clients in all 50 states. With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, Saman’s approach is characterized by a unique blend of compassion, dedication, and professionalism that consistently delivers the outcomes her diverse clientele seeks. Her expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of all areas of US Immigration and Nationality Law.

Colored Avvo Client's Choice Badge | Trusted K3 & K4 Visa Attorneys | U.S. Immigration Law Counsel
Colored Avvo Client's Choice Badge | Trusted K3 & K4 Visa Attorneys | U.S. Immigration Law Counsel
Colored Avvo Client's Choice Badge | Trusted K3 & K4 Visa Attorneys | U.S. Immigration Law Counsel
Colored Avvo Client's Choice Badge | Trusted K3 & K4 Visa Attorneys | U.S. Immigration Law Counsel

“I want my clients to know that we care about them and the outcome of their case and we do it with consideration, respect and compassion.”

A trailblazer in her field, Saman possesses an exceptional ability to advocate for her clients before the Department of Justice in cases involving Deportation/Removal Proceedings. As the Managing Attorney at US Immigration Law Counsel, she leads a team of consummate professionals, spearheading strategies that heighten the prospects of securing favorable resolutions for her clients. Saman’s leadership is underscored by her commitment to leveraging all available legal tools, harnessing her extensive knowledge, and fostering creativity throughout the complex immigration journey. Her extensive and diverse experience renders her an invaluable asset for anyone seeking an adept and relentless advocate. Saman’s prowess extends to guiding corporate entities through intricate processes such as filing for Employment & Investment Visas along with possessing extensive knowledge of the Labor Certifications/PERM process in conjunction with the Department of Labor. Adopting a comprehensive approach, she takes the reins of each case from inception to completion, allowing her clients to focus on their enterprises while she navigates the legal intricacies. Her proficiency in immigration litigation has garnered her an array of accolades, including multiple Avvo awards and the distinguished 2023 Pinnacle Award for Business of the Year. Clients and peers alike have consistently recognized her dedication, as exemplified by the Clients’ Choice for 2017 Immigration Attorney. Testimonials and reviews, both on platforms like Avvo.com and her own Facebook page, exhibits the high esteem in which she is held within the legal community and among her clients. Saman’s commitment to advancing her field is reflected in her role as an adjunct professor of law at Nova Southeastern University, where she imparts her knowledge to the next generation of legal practitioners in the field of US Immigration and Nationality Law. A charismatic speaker, she frequently addresses audiences on immigration matters, thereby contributing to a better-informed public discourse on the subject. Saman’s dedication to her clients transcends geographical boundaries. Her unwavering objective is to engender a sense of ease and confidence in her clients’ choice of her as their immigration attorney, regardless of their location within the United States. This stems from her resolute belief that every client deserves a steadfast and proficient advocate, ensuring that the legal process is as seamless as possible. Saman’s affinity for immigration law is deeply rooted in her personal history as the daughter of immigrants. Her parents, recipients of the F-1 student visa in 1971, exemplify the pursuit of the American Dream. Witnessing her father’s journey to achieve an advanced degree and a successful career instilled in her a formidable work ethic and an intimate understanding of the immigrant experience. This first-hand insight fuels her unyielding commitment to each case she undertakes, as she empathizes with the challenges immigrants and their families face within the labyrinthine world of immigration law. A hallmark of Saman’s practice is her unwavering dedication to establishing profound connections with her clients. This manifests in her personal attention to each case and her tenacity in seeking solutions where others may falter. Saman thrives on pushing the boundaries and exploring uncharted territories, embodying a relentless pursuit of justice and effective representation. Saman Movassaghi Gonzalez epitomizes excellence and commitment in immigration law. Her mission is resolute: to offer nothing short of the finest legal representation to those in pursuit of the American Dream. In an increasingly complex and evolving legal landscape, Saman is your steadfast ally, leading the charge towards a brighter future through unwavering dedication, unyielding expertise, and an unshakeable belief in the potential of each client.


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“I AM dedicated to helping people and companies navigate through the wild world of US Immigration and Nationality Law.”

Attorney Saman Movassaghi Gonzalez, Esq.