Threats Explode in Texas Capitol Over Illegal Immigration share this email

The final day of a Texas state legislative session turned ugly when rowdy protesters showed up to speak out against the new state law banning sanctuary cities.

Republican State Rep. Matt Rinaldi called Immigration and Customs Enforcement on the protesters, some of whom carried signs saying they were illegal immigrants.

Democratic Rep. Poncho Nevárez and other Hispanic lawmakers were outraged.

Nevarez and Rinaldi engaged in a shoving and shouting match that collected several other lawmakers.

Nevarez allegedly threatened Rinaldi a number of times, saying he would “get him” on his way to his car.

“I’ll put a bullet in your head,” Rinaldi shot back.

He later said the ‘bullet’ comment was meant in self-defense.

Nile Gardiner, former aide to Margaret Thatcher said on “The Fox News Specialists” that Texas is leading the way in cracking down on sanctuary cities.

“The idea that you can have cities that violate the rules of the land is absolutely preposterous,” Gardiner said.

Top terror prosecutor Andrew McCarthy disagreed.

“If they want to have a policy that’s more open to people of questionable pedigree in terms of their legal right to be here, that’s okay with me. I just don’t want to pay for it,” McCarthy said.

As seen on The Fox News Specialists