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U.S. Embassy in Pakistan Reopens Immigrant Visa Case

Recently I was retained to reopen an immigrant visa case in the US Embassy in Pakistan for a Lawful Permanent Resident Mother applying for her child over 21. I was skeptical to take this case because more than 1 year had passed that the Applicant and his mother had contact the Embassy and they had sent them documents advising that they would terminate his case because of no contact within 1 year. The National Visa Center and the US Embassies are very strict about this 1-year rule, therefore I was hesitant that we would be successful in reopening this case as it is very difficult, challenging and rare to have this done. However, after multiple emails and correspondences to the US Embassy on my clients’ behalf and begging, pleading and requesting the attention of the supervisors, I was finally able to convince the US Embassy to reopen the case and proceed with adjudication! The Applicant is now scheduled for his immigrant visa appointment with the US Embassy to receive his lawful permanent resident status.