What Is PERM Labor Certification?

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The labor certification process is referred to as the PERM in the United States. In this process, the employer pays the cost for an employee’s immigration. Anyone can apply for this certification, i.e., there are no ‘specific’ jobs that do not qualify for this process. However, the acceptance of your application is dependent on a […]

What Is Form I-485 Used For?

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What is form I-485?  Form I-485, also called the “Adjustment of Status Application,” is an imperative document that you will need for your green card application process. If you’re someone who needs to adjust your status of citizenship, then being present in the United States is necessary. In this case, you will have to submit […]

Why did I get called for a second interview for my green card?

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For many people from many different countries, obtaining a green card and legally living and working in the United States is the fulfillment of a life-long dream. However, reaching that coveted goal is not something that happens quickly, and, in most cases, it takes many years and extensive paperwork, depending on the applicant’s individual situation. […]

Why Are Top CEOs Pushing for DREAMER Citizenship?

Why are the nation’s top and most well-known CEOs, such as Apple’s Tim Cook, pushing for Congress to pass a path to citizenship for Dreamers? (1) They were brought here as children through no fault of their own. (2) A lot of them work for these high-tech companies, and they want to see them have […]