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Divorced In Another Country? PAY ATTENTION…


One of the more complicated aspects of immigration law that we run into quite a bit is people who get divorced in a county that they are not actual citizens of, and the effect this has on the overall immigration process. You cannot get a divorce in a country if you are not a resident of that country.

For example: Let’s say you marry someone from the Dominican Republic, but you are not a citizen. Then, for convenience and cost, say you were to get divorced from that person, again in the Dominican Republic. Both parties, husband and wife, may agree to the separation and that’s the end of that…so they think.

Let’s take a step further and say you then want to marry a different person, who may need sponsorship for their legal status. That first divorce, from the Dominican Republic, will NOT count for immigration services as you being legally “single”. Because? You were not an actual citizen or legal resident of that country at the time of the divorce.

Now think of the mess you’re in now, trying to re-marry when you were never officially separated. If you or anyone you know needs representation for this type of situation, give us a call today!