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What to Expect for Family-Based Visas

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Do you have a spouse or relative who wants a US visa? You will need to understand what an I-130 form is and why it is important for family-based visas.

Extending an Expiring Visa

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Is your visa expiring soon? If so, you should check out this blog post, where we discuss extending your visa or getting a change of status.

Do You Want to Bring Your Spouse or Fiance to the United States?

If you or someone you know wants to bring their spouse, fiance, or significant other to the United States, you should know that processing times are taking an average of 2 years to get completed. But if your spouse or loved one has another visa in their passport, maybe there are other opportunities available to […]

In-Person Operations SUSPENDED at the Miramar ERO

The Miramar ERO office has suspended in-person operations for check-in appointments due to the rising COVID-19 cases and transmissions in South Florida. If you have an order of supervision check-in appointment at Miramar ERO, you need to email them to get your new check-in appointment. Once they resume operations they will let us know, and […]

SOS Cuba & Immigration Ramifications

As protests and demonstrations sweep through Cuba, let’s take a look at the history and ramifications of the United States’ immigration policy towards Cuban migrants.