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Taking a No Contest or No Guilty Plea? Think Twice…

Taking that No Contest or No Guilty Plea and getting a withhold of adjudication is the SAME as a conviction for immigration purposes. So the next time your criminal defense attorney or public defender encourages you to accept that plea so you get less jail time or probation, PLEASE consult with an experienced immigration attorney […]

Looking to Make an Investment in the United States?

Are you or is someone you know looking to make an investment in the United States to obtain an immigration benefit? Most people think they just need to open a business, dump in the money, and then BOOM…they receive a visa. But that’s just not how that works. Give us a call and we can […]

TRAVEL BANS RESTRICTED? What does it mean?

As of April 1st, 2021, there are no non-immigrant travel ban restrictions in place coming to the United States: If you have an L-Visa, a J-Visa, H-Visa, you are NOT subject to any of the restrictions/travel bans that the previous administration put in place. HOWEVER: You need to go get another visa!