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Alexia Jones

Managing Director
  • MBA – Florida Institute of Technology – Melbourne (2005)
  • Bachelor’s in business management – Florida Institute of Technology (2003)

I am driven by the consistently validated belief that by providing teams with the proper tools, a framework in which to work, and a shared vision, innovative results will emerge. My 16 years of experience in strategic growth has encompassed the direction and mentorship of various teams. I chart a course, setting the stage for others to contribute their expertise, ensuring the effective functioning of US-ILC, and positioning it as a formidable player in its sector. My purpose is to be the catalyst that transforms vision into reality.

Each day is an exploration of new experiences shaped by the diverse personalities here at US-ILC. Each person brings unique strengths and talents to the table, allowing me to tap into their brilliance.

My role also extends to collecting data and utilizing it to ensure the seamless operation of every facet of the Firm. I work directly with Management and Department Heads to focus on the Firm’s long-term outlook by identifying market needs; and ensuring our services are up to date, relevant, and profitable.

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