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Keyla Carmona

  • Bachelor’s degree in international relations – FIU (2017)

I enjoy the nurturing ambiance and sense of community within our office. At the helm of this environment is Saman, who creates a comfortable atmosphere that encourages open dialogue and easy discussion of intricate cases. Her approachable disposition is mirrored throughout the team, rendering every member a source of assistance and support. In this milieu, I can confidently focus on my casework with unwavering self-assurance.

Over time, my association with US Immigration Law Counsel (US-ILC) has kindled a fervent passion for immigration work, infusing my professional journey with a sense of purpose. My role within the Legal department positions me as a crucial intermediary—a bridge between attorneys and our clients. My responsibilities span a range of crucial tasks that include the collection of evidence and the provision of lucid responses to client inquiries pertaining to procedural intricacies and necessary documentation. I seamlessly execute client correspondences in both English and Spanish.

Beyond the professional realm, my pursuits echo my diverse interests. I am an ardent traveler who loves to explore the vibrant landscapes of South and Central America. This enriches my understanding of different cultures and worldviews. In the company of my two Huskies, I enjoy the tranquility of parks and beaches. They are a vital part of my commitment to a healthy lifestyle, along with my regular gym visits.

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