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Leslie Redden

Client Relations Associate
  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing – Technological Institute of Santo Domingo (2017)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business – Broward College (currently enrolled)

My role at US Immigration Law Counsel (US-ILC) extends beyond service provision—it serves as a means of cultural exploration through the lens of immigration research. At US-ILC, I have the privilege of engaging with clients from diverse backgrounds. My quest for an environment that embraces equilibrium guided me to this Firm—a place where my professional goals blend seamlessly with my desire for work-life balance.

Providing exemplary customer service is vital to my responsibilities within the Client Relations Department, and it is a commitment I uphold in both English and Spanish. In my role, I help elucidate the process for retaining our office's services, and I also promote lasting relationships with our valued clients. I extend a guiding hand to those who seek clarification before embarking on their immigration journey with us, ensuring their concerns are promptly addressed, and their inquiries met with full support.

My interactions with clients are symbolic of my affinity for human connection. I am enthusiastic about meeting new people and gaining insights from their unique life experiences. I am also committed to physical well-being, and my regular presence at the gym is an example of the importance I place on health. Additionally, my love of storytelling extends to the theater, where I find enjoyment in watching Marvel movies.

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