Maria Isabel Muniz

Pre-Consultation Associate
  • Bachelor’s degree in International Relations, with a minor in Political Science – Florida International University (2013)
  • Associate of Arts & Associate of Science degrees in Paralegal Studies – Miami Dade College (2011)
  • Certificate in Latin American Studies – Florida International University (2013)
  • Certificate in Asian Studies – Zhejiang University (2013)

I treasure the flexibility and supportive atmosphere that US Immigration Law Counsel offers its team members. In my experience, it can be challenging to find employers who promote a healthy level of work-life balance. This is especially true when it comes to law firms, and why I believe that USILC has carved a place in the industry above its competitors. My team members are also helpful and willing to go the extra distance for each other. There is a clear feeling of camaraderie among us, which is also rare.

Being at USILC has given me the opportunity to build on my previous immigration experience and expand my knowledge. Before I came to USILC, I had already learned about Saman and her excellent reputation and years of experience in the field. I was eager to work with her and lend my talents to supporting the firm. Previously, I spent nearly a decade working for attorneys who practiced family and immigration law, as well as other areas of law such as first party property. Since commencing employment with USILC, I have gained an in-depth understanding of other areas of immigration law through my work within the Pre-consultation Department.

The crux of my work entails interviewing prospective clients in English or Spanish to procure information concerning their reasons for seeking an attorney. By providing details about their past and present situation, these prospective clients help the attorney to understand their case in advance. Then, when they do have their strategy sessions, the attorney already has reviewed options that may fit that person’s needs.

As a new parent, I am extremely family-oriented. I value spending as much time with my family as possible. We bond over meals at various restaurants on the weekends and seek out a diverse mix of cuisines to sample. Reading is another one of my main interests due to my commitment to learning and increasing my general knowledge of politics and what is happening in the world. I also acquire extensive information about various subjects by listening to podcasts.

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