Marisol Vaccaro

Pre-Consultation Associate

US Immigration Law Counsel (USILC) has nurtured a work environment in which we can be our best selves and engage with our team members in ways that expand our minds. Working alongside professionals who are always willing to listen, share their knowledge, and aid in any way, is refreshing. At US-ILC, not only do I feel heard, but I am also aware that my work is respected and appreciated. This has fostered my growth in the field, and I intend to use my skills to add more value to the firm.

My role within the Pre-consultation Department at USILC challenges me to learn new things and acquire new skills. I particularly treasure the opportunity it gives me to continually increase my familiarity with immigration laws. A vital part of my function is to contact prospective and existing clients to gather copious information about their cases before their strategy sessions. These pre-consultations are an integral step in aiding the attorneys in conducting their own preliminary reviews. I then gather the required documents for the attorneys prior to the strategy sessions. I conduct pre-consultations in both English and Spanish. I also have a basic understanding of Portuguese and Italian.

In my downtime, I revel in watching a variety of late-night movies, and especially dramas and those that feature real-life events. I also enjoy undertaking home projects such as reorganizing my house, which fills me with a sense of purpose. I follow the practice of feng shui, which teaches that organizing your home will bring balance to the mind and a sense of relief.

One of my most important goals is to study law and become an attorney. As a first step, I plan to take legal studies at Kaiser University in 2025.

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