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Savita Ramkalawan

Associate Attorney
  • Bachelor’s degree in political science with a Certificate in International Relations – University of Florida (2017)
  • Juris Doctor degree, cum laude – Florida International University, College of Law (2022)

A harmonious work/life equilibrium is a cornerstone of my experience with US Immigration Law Counsel. The environment at the firm is characterized by effective conflict resolution and an unwavering commitment to collaboration. No one navigates challenges alone. Saman’s forward-looking perspective is a testament to her exceptional leadership style, and her enthusiasm infuses a heightened sense of purpose into my work. I resonated deeply with Saman's narrative. It was evident to me that this was not merely a conventional job, but an opportunity to thrive in an environment that mirrors my aspirations.

Within the Legal department, my role spans a diverse range of responsibilities, including preparing federal writ of mandamus cases and attending client interviews. The dynamic nature of my responsibilities is a perfect fit for my skill set and passion. Hailing from immigrants from Trinidad and Tobago, I am able to connect with my clients on their journey navigating US Immigration laws.

During law school, my affinity for academic writing was recognized with two CALI Excellence for the Future awards, underscoring my prowess in legal research and writing. In my leisure moments, I enjoy yoga, pilates, and fantasy/adventure films for the escapism that they offer. My love for languages and public speaking has further allowed me to learn some Hindi, Italian, and Spanish. Each facet of my life is a testament to my commitment to balance, growth, and exploration.

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