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Weusi Erskine

IT Director
  • Bachelor of Science degree in computer engineering; minors in computer science and Management Information Systems – Penn State (2006)

I am continually engaged in the exploration of novel tools to support immigration law. My deep-seated affinity for technology, a hallmark of my professional identity, drives my desire to enhance both employee and customer satisfaction.

Recognizing a distinct need for technological evolution within US Immigration Law Counsel (US-ILC), I assumed the role of leading this advancement within the Firm’s IT Department. I am responsible for orchestrating general IT solutions by identifying the Firm’s evolving needs and requirements and researching and implementing customized technology solutions, such as tools for automation and upgrades. In essence, my goal is to streamline operations and augment efficiencies to ensure a seamless flow of processes.

Beyond the technology realm, I have a particular love for mangoes, and I love traveling to locales where mangoes are everywhere. These experiences not only satisfy my palate but also infuse a sense of adventure and enrichment into my life.

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