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Blair Bolger

Community Manager
  • University of Central Florida (2018)
    • Bachelor’s degree in visual arts and emerging media management
    • Minor in mass communications

I value the closeness and camaraderie between my teammates and the way in which everyone comes together to work towards a common goal. However, the most important aspect of my job is working for a Firm committed to making a difference in people’s lives. US-ILC also provides a good work/life balance that appeals to me.

At US-ILC, I have the privilege of working directly with Saman, who has given me the creative freedom to perform my job in ways that I believe will benefit the firm. Along with this, I enjoy the collaborative aspects of working with the team, and I have found that my coworkers are always open to brainstorming new ideas. My work allows me to keep abreast of immigration topics daily. There is always something new to learn. As a media professional, I relish sharing the skills I have gained in the digital media field with a Firm dedicated to resolving clients’ immigration matters.

As a Community Manager for US-ILC’s Marketing department, I oversee the creative and strategic aspects of the Firm’s social media content. This includes reviewing all posts, comments, and DM messages; deciding what hashtags we will use and the peak times for posting content; and managing engagement with our social media audience. I generate topical ideas and ensure that our content is informational and that it allows our audience to become familiar with our team members. Additionally, I ensure that the Firm keeps in step with current events and that our content is aesthetically pleasing and reflects our audience’s needs. I recently committed myself to learning Spanish, which will help broaden my communication skills with our audience.

Attending to my Boston Terrier gives me great pleasure when I am at home. Going for walks or being on the beach or by water gives me a sense of well-being. I am a foodie, and I indulge this side of myself by visiting new restaurants and attempting to recreate meals at home.

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