Ana Borjas

HR/Operations Associate
  • Upcoming certificate course – Managing Human Resources – University of Minnesota

What I value most at USILC is the constant opportunities for increasing my knowledge. Every day brings new tasks and challenges, leading to ever-expanding possibilities for continued personal and professional growth. I seek out occasions to learn new things, and I thrive on variety. I welcome the chance to communicate with people and get to know them on a deeper level. Working in an immigration firm has also exposed me to immigration and the laws that govern the field. Recruiting attorneys is a challenge and I have learned that there are many facets to consider when it comes to acquiring top talent. I find the entire process enthralling, and getting to engage with the brightest and most knowledgeable individuals leaves me feeling invigorated.

For me, first impressions matter the most. When I was offered the opportunity to join USILS, the first person I met was Alexia, our Managing Director. That first conversation made me aware that the firm had created a nurturing and supportive environment, and I wanted to work among this remarkable team of professionals. Alexia exuded warmth and made me feel welcome from the beginning. I decided not to bypass such an opportunity.

I work within the Human Resources and Operations Departments at USILC. In those departments, my team members and I collaborate on projects. I dedicate most of my time to recruiting and onboarding new hires, which has become even more critical as our firm grows exponentially. I also perform other HR-related tasks. For the Operations Department, I execute functions that include creating spreadsheets and contributing to reports. Additionally, I work on projects such as drafting referral and employee appreciation programs and overseeing event planning for the teams. As part of our firm’s team-building efforts, I use LinkedIn to recruit professionals and grow a following, which also involves some marketing. My ability to speak both English and Spanish has enabled me to take advantage of a broader range of recruitment resources.

On a personal note, I enjoy the creativity of science fiction and anime shows and movies, and I am a dedicated fan of Harry Potter films. I also have a soft spot for dogs and consider my dog my child. When it comes to physical activities, I love camping and hiking. Once, to challenge myself, I climbed the tallest mountain in Honduras with a friend, which took nine hours. We then camped on a beach. I have always taken pride in that accomplishment.

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