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Bryan Ferreira

Pre-consult & Leads Training Supervisor
  • Bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology – University of Kentucky (2015)

Within the walls of US Immigration Law Counsel (US-ILC), I am discovering an elevated paradigm of a professional work environment, one that surpasses the experiences of my past. The workplace exudes a palpable sense of community. My journey here is defined by an unyielding commitment to aiding those who embark on a new chapter in this country. My aspiration is to serve as a voice for these individuals, equipped with an innate understanding of their circumstances and a perspective that transcends physical and cultural boundaries.

My personal background embodies a multi-faceted upbringing that spans across the United States, Miami, Mississippi, and even Venezuela. This diverse foundation has given me an appreciation for the unique narratives that shape individuals' lives. In my role, I manage the Pre-consultation and Leads departments, overseeing and training teams that are often the first point of contact for prospective clients. I equip these teams with the ability to execute their roles with excellence, and I ensure the accuracy of information shared with those who seek our assistance.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I find my sanctuary in gardening—a realm that hones my sense of Zen. Botanical tattoos cover my leg as an artistic expression reflecting my inner world. My interests are as diverse as the music that resonates with me, ranging from jazz and soul to metal. I am skilled at playing both drums and guitars. I embarked on a 3-month sojourn in Germany, an experience that kindled my affinity for exploration and understanding. I am proficient in both English and Spanish, a testament to my commitment to cross-cultural engagement. My unique background serves as a touchstone for understanding and championing the diverse stories that converge within our Firm.

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