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Yania Diaz


The most inspiring and dynamic aspect of working for US-ILC is observing how Saman establishes authenticity with each case. She imparts the same amount of effort into each consultation to ensure that the clients clearly understand the process and their options regarding their circumstances. US-ILC’s clients place a high level of trust in the firm and Saman’s leadership. The quality of the work that Saman and the team put into the cases is awe-inspiring.

My satisfaction is fueled by witnessing the changes that quickly unfold in the clients’ lives through our work on their behalf. Our clients’ gratitude is the strongest attestation that our work has made a difference in their lives. This demonstrates to me that the team consists of immigration professionals who have intricate knowledge of their tasks and who can execute even the most challenging cases while communicating honestly and effectively with clients. When I file a case for a client, I am filled with an innate sense of satisfaction due to the joy and relief it brings.

Since commencing my employment within US-ILC’s Paralegal Department, my primary focus has been on family cases. My work entails figurately holding the clients’ hands throughout the process and troubleshooting issues as needed. Communicating in both English and Spanish has enabled me to assist a broad range of our clients.

On the weekends, I switch my focus to self-care. I enjoy working out to maintain my physical health and dining on a variety of sumptuous meals with my husband in the new restaurants we discover. We also love to include our young children in our weekend outings. Whether visiting restaurants, taking in a movie, or other family-centered activities, we understand that spending valuable time with our children is essential to securing our bond with them.

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