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Maria Arevalo

Client Relations and Legal Associate
  • Bachelor in Law degree – Universidad Central de Venezuela, (2017)
  • Diploma – Legal analyst in oil and gas contracts – IESA, Caracas, Venezuela (2017)
  • Paralegal certification – FIU (2023)

Our team at US Immigration Law Counsel (US-ILC) ensures that clients from diverse backgrounds are treated with the utmost respect and dedication. Our office culture is one of openness and receptivity, where our collective efforts are geared toward securing victories for our clients. Being surrounded by knowledgeable peers who operate seamlessly as a team empowers me toward excellence.

My path converged with US-ILC when I assumed the role of a legal assistant—a stepping-stone that has directed me to my current position within the Legal Department. As a paralegal and client relations, I prepare humanitarian cases such as “T” and “U” visas, asylums, and paroles, along with family adjustments, naturalizations, and other cases. Also, I participate in consultations alongside Saman, a responsibility that provides a solid understanding of our client's needs. Additionally, I contribute to the creation of Spanish-language social media videos, which serve as a means of sharing vital information with the public.

Beyond my professional pursuits, my personal passions include reading crime novels and detective stories, an indulgence that nourishes my intellectual curiosity. Sports, too, occupy a cherished place in my life, with running, biking, and racquetball being among my favorite pastimes. Travel, however, holds an even greater allure, as it allows me to embrace diverse cultures and establish connections with people across borders. My belief is rooted in the notion that understanding a country's cultural nuances prepares me to better serve our clients.

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