Isabella Nassar

Legal Assistant
  • Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, and Islamic Civilizations and Societies as a double major – Boston College (May 2023)

My team members at USILC are consistently available to assist each other. I have worked in different law firms that lacked this level of support. This has enriched the firm’s environment and, in my opinion, propelled the firm to stand out above the rest. Moreover, my team members possess in-depth knowledge of their functions and can perform their individual roles within the firm.

I have always desired to work within the immigration field. This stems from my background as a child of immigrant parents who journeyed to the US in search of new opportunities. My position within the field has provided me with the means to give back to the immigrant community in ways that can enhance the lives of others seeking to become a part of the American fabric. My long-term goal is to attend law school and embark on a career as an attorney. Through my role at USILC, I can acquire intimate legal experience and make my dream of working with immigrants a reality.

My role in the Legal Department includes assisting paralegals and attorneys with their cases by following up with clients and helping to prepare their immigration filings. I regularly reach out to clients to ensure they provide the documents and forms required for their individual cases. I also perform case inquiries and keep clients abreast of any changes. Many of our clients speak Spanish, and my English and Spanish language skills help me to assist a greater number of clients.

I have been dancing since early childhood, and my most loved dance forms are salsa and bachata. I was also an avid ballet dancer as a child. I seek out news stories and articles related to politics to stimulate my brain. My interest in the field led me to pursue political science in college. As a means of relaxation, I enjoy visiting the beach with friends and family.

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