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Luis Vasquez

Senior Client Relations Associate
  • Bachelor’s degree in political science – Florida International University (2016)
  • Associate’s degree in liberal arts – Miami-Dade college (2015)
  • Currently taking LSAT prep course

My role as a Senior Client Relations Associate in the Client Relations department is multifaceted. Following consultations, I engage with people to discuss their specific needs, and to determine the most appropriate case strategies based on their circumstances. Our greatest desire is to help our clients succeed in their personal immigration goals by preparing the best submissions on their behalf. USILC has an experienced and dedicated team of professionals who have the capacity to guide our clients through each step of their immigration process.

I have been employed within the field of immigration for 14 years, and in that time, I have gained a wealth of knowledge in various types of cases. One of the things that impresses me most about USILC is the way in which the firm embraces social media. I believe that social media offers one of the best avenues for reaching people who are interested in the topic of immigration for general or personal reasons. USILC is unique among law firms as the company’s leadership understands the important role that social media can play as a means of communication.

Communication is vital to me, and the fact that US Immigration Law Counsel (USILC) maintains an open-door policy that facilitates the sharing of knowledge, has fueled my admiration for the company and its leadership. At USILC, team members display a willingness to help each other. This has proven beneficial when it comes to resolving issues and making improvements in every facet.

On the personal side, I have an affinity for coffee that I indulge in by visiting coffee shops wherever my travels take me. I am also dedicated to physical fitness, which has inspired me to participate in annual international half-marathons, and to play soccer on a weekly basis. Watching and attending Formula 1 events is another passion in which I engage as often as possible. I also indulge my love of cars and competition through driving racecars with my friends.

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