Portrait of a Female Paralegal | Professional H1B1 Visa Lawyers | U.S. Immigration Law Counsel

Marianne Rodriguez

  • Associate’s degree in paralegal studies – Florida National University (will graduate in 2024)

The successful resolution of clients' cases serves as a source of fulfillment for me. My path to the US Immigration Law Counsel (US-ILC) was marked by an unquenchable thirst to gain knowledge in immigration law. Recognizing Saman's reputation as an exceptional attorney, I was compelled to seek a learning experience under her leadership. Saman’s adept management style not only fosters an atmosphere conducive to productivity but also aligns with my personal approach to work.

Within the Legal department, I diligently review cases and see them through to completion. During this process, I communicate with our clients in Spanish, English, and Portuguese. Having studied medicine in Venezuela, I underwent a pivotal transition after arriving in the US, navigating towards a career in law instead. My overall journey is reflective of my inherent drive for exploration and growth.

I have a strong affection for my dog Mimi, who is as precious to me as a child! I am enthusiastic about traveling – particularly if it includes a beach and a refreshing pina colada.

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