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Rebeca Useda

Client Case Manager
  • Bachelor’s degree in Political Science – Florida International University (2018)
  • Master’s degree in Business Administration – Florida Atlantic University (enrolled)

I have a heartfelt appreciation for my role with US Immigration Law Counsel® (US-ILC) and the support that I receive from the staff here. We have a collective commitment to each other’s achievements and a genuine sense of camaraderie that extends to our clients. Our shared passion for their success reverberates through every facet of our work.

As a member of the Legal Department, I strategically allocate cases to our esteemed paralegals, leveraging their expertise to their fullest potential. I also play a vital role in devising case strategies, resolving any issues that may arise, generating insightful reports, and acting as a guiding force for our legal assistants to operate with maximum efficiency. Moreover, I serve as a beacon of reassurance to our clients, as their complex cases are managed meticulously. My bilingual proficiency in English and Spanish enables me to communicate with a broad base of clients, cultivating a sense of trust and understanding.

Away from the professional realm, I cherish the time I spend with Luna, my miniature schnauzer. My penchant for intellectual engagement inspires me to read one book per month, while my culinary experimentation leads me to try new recipes.

In essence, my journey at US-ILC is defined by a strong sense of community, a commitment to excellence, and a devotion to the success of our team and our clients.

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