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Alexis Jacobs

Immigration Research & Content Writer / Intake Coordinator
  • Bachelor’s degree in English; minor in business – University of Toronto, Canada
  • Screenwriting, fiction writing, various writing courses – New York City

I am proud to be linked to this team of professionals who are dedicated to guiding people in their quest to make this country their temporary or permanent home. My personal journey has given me an ingrained connection to immigration. By age seven, I was already experiencing life in my third country, and the U.S. had become my fourth home. This kaleidoscope of experiences has helped me to understand the extent of sacrifices people are willing to embrace in their quest to find a home for themselves and their loved ones.

At US-ILC, I shoulder the responsibility of researching trending immigration topics and generating content for our social media platforms and website. Additionally, I contribute to the vital work undertaken by the Pre-consultation Department. My role within this department essentially involves engaging in preliminary conversations with individuals seeking our guidance on their immigration matters.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I enjoy writing and particularly crafting novels and short stories. Books, to me, are nourishment for the soul—especially science fiction novels. Music is also an important release for me, and I play the flute. I speak English and some French, and I plan to learn Spanish one day.

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